Follow up.

So three days after my second test, I received the news that I have tested negative.

This is good news and I am feeling relieved.

Of course the whole experience, since I tested positive, has caused much self-introspection. The self -awareness of my personal health is understandably quite acute and I’m sure that it will continue in the future. I found the need to make contact with friends and family quite comforting and promise myself to maintain contact and not take any of my personal relationships for granted. Most importantly I have a strong urge to make a contribution to assist in the fight against the scourge of the coronavirus.

My mission now is to find ways to contribute in fighting this national issue. I am determined to find a way of volunteering my service and skills in whichever way that might be of use. We are all in this together, let’s find ways to help.

Fear gives rise to unreasonable behavior. We need to find a way to spread a message of tolerance. The pandemic is nobody’s fault. We are all potential carriers so it does not matter who actually “gave “ the virus to you.

It’s your responsibility to limit the spread and you can do so by following the basic rules. Wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitiser if you can afford to. Those who can self-isolate, please do. There are good reasons why the national lockdown has been imposed.

Until it’s lifted, stay at home!

By Nick Jacobs