“Stay home and save South Africa”. A message from HE Nomatemba Tambo, SA High Commissioner to the UK.


South Africa’s High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, HE Nomatemba Tambo, has described how a lock down has reduced the mortality rate of the COVID-19 Coronavirus in that region.

In a recorded message, Tambo said before the lock down was implemented in the UK, about 884 people were dying from the virus per day. However, since the lock down came into effect, this number reduced to about 530 per day.

Tambo said authorities in the UK now plan to reopen certain public facilities, like schools.

“Many say it’s far too early and the reason they say that is because many believe that adequate testing has not been done. Here in the UK, unlike South Africa, people are not being tested in communities,” Tambo said.

“The other issue is protective clothing (PPE). There is a lack of PPE in the UK. What it means is that doctors, nurses, and caregivers feel very vulnerable and they are concerned about taking the virus home. It is something the British government is working very hard on and I’m happy to say that in South Africa we are also giving it huge attention.”

Tambo warned that South Africa’s healthcare system cannot cope with hundreds of thousands of people falling ill, and therefore citizens should abide to government regulations.

“Our job as citizens of our beloved country is to make sure that we assist government in every way that we can. We can stay home, we can social distance, and we can be responsible citizens,” she said.