Johannesburg-based psychiatrist, Dr Ajay Makan, says the lockdown may be the perfect time to read, reflect, think and introspect.
“Discard the victim mentality to engage work, family and the world constructively, and with dignity”


Dr Ajay Makan, a psychiatrist, has drawn inspiration from former president Nelson Mandela in asking South Africans not to lose hope during the nationwide lockdown.

“Madiba describes that in prison he had the opportunity to read, think and quietly reflect. This lockdown affords us the similar opportunity,” Makan said.

“Currently, we feel we are victims of this virus, the lockdown, the economy, family, work, or relationships. In order to be a victim, we all make a fundamental decision, a decision that paradoxically takes away our power. We all blame.”

Makan said South Africans should instead take responsibility for fighting the virus.

“The Mandela that emerged from prison, rather than choosing to blame, chose to personify strength and dignity. Similarly, you and I can choose to be victim…or we can choose to create our own destiny. So read, think, reflect and introspect. This lockdown may just be our one and only chance to do so.”