Responsible behaviour around the COVID-19 pandemic is essential to keep panic levels low, and prioritise good health. But if you are healthy and able to exercise, you need not stop. Considering restrictions on public gatherings, here is a guide on how to exercise safely, in your home.

Discovery Vitality biokineticist, Mari Leach, says: “It is best to get an exercise session done first thing in the morning. That way, you can prioritise the rest of your day. This can also give you structure in a work-from-home environment.”

“Technology is a great way to boost your exercise routine at home. It’s no surprise that wearable tech has claimed a top-three spot on the American College of Sports Medicine’s list of global fitness trends for the past few years. Wearable technology gives you greater flexibility and control over your health and fitness goals,” says Leach.


Simple ways to achieve your fitness goals

“There are many home-based exercise programmes which don’t require equipment. And there are amazing fitness apps and online resources which will help you achieve your physical activity goals,” says Leach. These include:


  1. Fitbit coach
  1. Huawei Health
  1. Garmin Connect Training Workouts
  1. Suunto Moves Count
  1. Samsung Health
  1. Polar Fitness Zone
  1. TechnoGym TWellness Coaching app


A sample exercise routine could include some of the following:

  1. Cardio: Jumping jacks, knee lifts, running on the spot, burpees, skipping, tuck jumps, jump squats and lunge jumps.
  2. Core: Planking, (front/side/back), sit-ups, bicycles, push up with rotation and bear crawls.
  3. Upper Body: Push ups, varied from narrow to wide, tricep dips and push-up
  4. Elastics workout Bicep curls, tricep push-downs and shoulder presses
  5. Lower Body: Squats, lunges, pelvic lifts, squat jumps and calf raises.

Leach says members can also use social media “#fitspiration” to interact with people while getting active when you can’t meet in person. From online communities to motivational workouts from fitness vloggers, social media has facilitated a whole new way to stay motivated and connected, in the comfort of home. “Technology means you can still cycle in the Tour de France or jog along a secluded mountain path using fitness consoles and apps that make use of virtual reality. So turn on your surround sound and get moving. It even has a name: exertainment,” she says.

And if you are sick…

“It’s best to stop exercising if you’re sick, until about a week after recovery,” says Leach.


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