Statement in remembrance of Prof. Nancy Shipalana

It was with shock that we received the sad news of the passing on of our beloved Prof. Nancy Shipalana
We remember Nancy for the many years we spent together as classmates when we were young medical students in the university of Natal Black Section.

She will be always be remembered by her classmates and colleagues as a very quiet person who always wore a friendly smile that spread her warmth equally to all people Nancy had a deep and unmistakable desire to make a difference in people lives as she scaled up the ladder of academic achievements.

These traits have remained her indelible trademark throughout her postgraduate career as a health professional.

Prof Shipalana has served our nation as a specialist pediatrician, as well as the head and professor in the Paediatrician department in the university of Limpopo

Prof Shipalana has served our people with distinction and led in the pioneering effort to invest in our youth by training them to become medical practitioners and specialists in a previously disadvantaged rural province of Limpopo. She never chose to deploy her skills in the bright suburban lights of opulent metropolitan institutions even though any global capital would have welcomed and embraced her expertise enabling her to settle in any part of the world with ease.

Nancy chose to return home to serve her people, knowing that her achievements were the successful fruition of the aspirations of ordinary people of our land. We hail her for her immense contribution as a pathfinder, committed teacher, a mentor and academic; making her a beloved doctor of our people, a source of hope for our population particularly our youth.

We convey our deepest condolences to her family, friends, colleagues students and patients.

May her soul rest in eternal peace.
Dr. Zwelini Mkhize
Minister of Health