Hustle and Bustle

Hundreds of patients are treated daily at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg. To ensure the welfare of patients and staff, numerous safety measures have been put in place including deep cleaning of all hospital equipment, theatres and wards as well as social distancing. We thank all healthcare workers for their selfless sacrifices – doctors, nurses, cleaners, porters, managers, mortuary workers, receptionists and everyone working to defeat the pandemic – we are grateful to each one of you.

Group of Nurses, “Masked Heroes”

The nurses of Charlotte Maxeke Hospital put their lives on the line without hesitation. This is a sacrifice they make daily, because they say that the only way to beat this pandemic is “through finding strength in ourselves and supporting each other”. Thank you to all our nurses in South Africa for risking your lives for us.

Admin Clerk 

Although there is a big fear amongst hospital staff of contracting COVID-19, or taking it home to their families, Admin Clerk Nompumelelo Hans says that she has to remain focused on her tasks. Thank you and your family for your selfless bravery, Nompumelelo.

Cleaning Trolley 

Clad in her PPE armour, Portia Makamu, a cleaner, plays a vital part in protecting fellow staff and patients by meticulously disinfecting and cleaning all ward surfaces. Thank you for your commitment in keeping us safe, Portia.

Staring Out the Window 

In an extremely rare moment, Clement Nhlanhla Ngcobo, Operational Manager, takes a second to himself before heading back into the ward, where he faces and overcomes tremendous and unrelenting challenges. Thank you for putting your needs aside to help so many people, Clement.

Mortuary Worker 

Despite the emotional toll of having to see so many deceased pass through the morgue, Zamimali Jali, a specialised auxiliary worker, knows that with his diligence and care, he’s not only respecting those we’ve lost, but protecting the living. Thank you for treating our loved ones with dignity, Zamimali.

X-ray Department 

Lebogang Zulu, a Diagnostic Radiographer, explains that besides the new COVID-19 hygiene protocols, there has been a significant change in staff schedules, roles and workload. Thank you for helping in the effort to save as many lives as possible,Lebogang.

Another Day on the Job in a Pandemic

Operational Manager Segomoco Rampama Msimang says that the only way to tackle this pandemic is through teamwork. Outside of the hospital, people are helping by maintaining strict social distancing and by wearing their masks. Inside the hospital they are helping those who are already ill. Thank you for your leadership during this time, Segomoco.

Cleaners in the waiting room 

Fighting the Coronavirus pandemic has relied heavily on the invisible workforce. People often forget that these cleaners are also frontline workers who risk their lives every day. Cleanliness is essential in creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone at the Hospital. Thank you to all cleaning staff in healthcare facilities, workplaces and homes for your daily sacrifice.

Doctor Preparing to See Patient 

Doctor Sangeetha Thomas is preparing to see one of her many patients for a consult. Although it is important for Dr Thomas to work fast and efficiently, she also takes some time to connect on a more personal level with her patients. For some, this is the most devastating time of our lives and we thank you deeply, Dr Thomas, for bringing any bit of joy to our hearts.