The National Vaccine roll out is now well under way and most Healthcare Professionals have been vaccinated but not all Health Care Workers (HCWs) have been vaccinated.

In line with the National Department of Health’s original phased approach to the roll out, phase 1 of the vaccination roll out should ensure vaccination of all HCWs. Phase 2 of the roll out has started and still not all the HCWs have been vaccinated. We need to respond to this as fast as possible.

The following categories of persons are classified as Health Care Workers (HCWs) in the circular of 01/05/2021 entitled:

1. HCWs eligible as Beneficiaries of vaccination include:

  • Nurses (all categories)
  • Medical doctors (all categories and specialisations)
  • Dentists, dental therapists and oral hygienists
  • Clinical associates
  • Community health workers / liaison and development officers employed by provincial Departments of Health
    Environmental Health practitioners (working for municipalities and provincial Departments of Health)
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacist Assistants (fully registered/post-basic /basic)
  • Radiographers
  • Emergency Medical Practitioners
  • Allied health staff (physiotherapists/occupational therapists /psychologists /optometrists/speech therapists /audiologists /biokinetics /nutritionists /dieticians)
  • Registered occupational health staff
  • Clinical and medical technologists at clinical laboratory services
  • linical and medical technologists at forensic medical laboratory services
  • Blood Transfusion Services laboratory technicians
  • Staff working in forensic mortuaries
  • Orthotists /prosthetists/podiatrists
  • Alternative medicine practitioners (homeopaths/osteopaths/chiropractors)
  • Medical/dental /nursing /pharmacy students that are on the clinical training platform
  • Staff working at national and provincial health departments and district health offices
  • Officials employed by National Port Health Authorities
  • Health staff at Department of Correctional Services
  • South African Military Health Services (SAMHS)
  • Cleaners/housekeeping staff at health establishments and care facilities
  • Security services at health establishments and care facilities
  • Administrative staff at health establishments and care facilities
  • Staff working in student health services at TVETs and HEIs
  • Funeral workers (formal funeral homes and volunteers from registered burial societies)
  • Registered traditional healers

2. Verification process:

To ensure that only eligible HCWs register and receive vaccines during this phase of the rollout, there is a need to put in place some checks and verification. These verification checks will ensure that only those that are eligible are able to receive their vaccination.

a) All HCW’s Registered with a statutory council (SANC /HPCSA /SAPC/AHPCSA) are eligible and can register individually on the V4HCW platform and book for a vaccination appointment.
b) All HCW employed by the Department of Health with a Persal Number are eligible and can register individually on V4HCW platform and book for a vaccination appointment.
c) HCWs without Persal Number or a Professional Council Registration Number.

3. HCWs without Persal Number or a Professional Council Registration Number:

This verification process is essential for all frontline HCWs who do not have a Persal Number or a Professional Council Registration Number. Employers of these health care workers can assist their employees by supplying a consolidated list of these employees wanting to be vaccinated.

The employer will be the responsible person for verifying that only employees fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per the circular above, categorising Health Personnel, are included in the list.

4. Data required:

Data provided for inclusion of HCWs verification list must include the following information:
(send the information in MSExcel and in the specific order to )
Click here to download the MS Excel template

a) HCW (vaccine beneficiary): Identity number
b) HCW (vaccine beneficiary:) Name and surname
c) Facility name/Practice name/Company Name
d) Facility type: GP, Dentist, Pharmacy etc
e) Employer: Name and Surname
f) Practice no. (PCNS) or Company registration number
g) Employer contact details: Mobile and Email
h) If employer is a Health Care professional: Registration number with HPCSA / AHPCSA / SANC/ SAPC

5. V4HCW registration:

Booking guide below or click here to download a pdf tutorial

a) All individuals must still self-register on the V4HCW platform to schedule an appointment, irrespective of the verification list completed.
b) When self-registering on V4HCW, the individual will be prompted to complete the categories for verification. Please click “VERIFIED HCW”.
c) HCWs whether they have a medical aid or not will be scheduled to the most accessible private or public vaccination site, no sms required from EVDS prior to vaccination.

6. Registration Period
Registration will be from the date of this letter until the 31 July 2021, after which this portal service will no longer be available.