As part of the efforts to ensure that as many people as possible are vaccinated the Gauteng Provincial Government has taken steps to ensure that more vaccination sites will open on Saturday and Sunday, 18 – 19 September in line with the voter registration weekend.

About 116 sites, which is double the usual number, will be opened, with 85% of the sites opened on both days from 08:00 to 15:00.

The quicker we can vaccinate at least 10 million people in the province the sooner the Gauteng Province can accelerate the implementation of our Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

All persons 18 years and older are encouraged to visit vaccination sites to receive the jab. COVID-19 vaccines protect against severe illness, hospitalisation and death in the event one contracts the coronavirus. When many people are vaccinated the country can return to some form of “normality” and people may return to the things they love and can enjoy the festive season with family and friends.

Furthermore, when 70% or more of the adult population is vaccinated, that can lessen the impact of the fourth wave and avoid stricter restrictions.

The Gauteng EXCO will lead social mobilisation drive at various pop-up sites on Saturday and Sunday.

The vaccination programme is open to all people in South Africa, whether or not they are South African citizens.
Vaccination is free to everyone in South Africa. You can go to a government health facility or a private pharmacy that offers vaccinations, even if you are not on medical aid.


Issued by the Gauteng Department of Health
For more information, contact Kwara Kekana, Spokesperson:
Gauteng MEC for Health, 082 737 7227 or