Lucky Draw (share of R2 million) for anyone vaccinated by 31st Dec 2021 & Vooma Vouchers for 50+ increased to R200

Everyone vaccinated against Covid-19 before the end of the year will stand a chance of winning up to R100,000 in a lucky draw managed by the DG Murray Trust, working with the National
Department of Health. Winners will receive prizes totalling R2 million in lucky draws to be conducted in December and January.

The value of the Vooma Vaccination Voucher has also been increased to R200 from Monday, the 29th of November, given the heightened urgency to ensure that all people aged 50 and older are
vaccinated without delay. The offer of the grocery voucher, issued by SMS and redeemable at Shoprite stores, is made to all people aged 50 and older who come for vaccination for the very first
time. To be fair, those people who have already received the R100 voucher will automatically receive another R100.

“The new variant is a wake-up call for us all,” says Dr David Harrison, CEO of the DG Murray Trust. “In the past month, the rate of first dose vaccinations for adults has plunged by nearly 50%. While three-fifths of people over fifty are now vaccinated, there are still 4 million individuals in that age group who are not. We must do everything we can to prevent their families spending the festive season in hospital or in mortuaries. But this crisis is not only about older people as thirteen million people aged 18 -34 are still unvaccinated. They are driving the new wave. We have to make their Covid vaccination mean more in their lives, and one way is to encourage them through incentives such as airtime and lucky draws. We don’t know whether they will work, but we do know that we must try.”

Anyone who has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, confirmed through the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) will automatically be entered into the lucky draw.

This includes all those already vaccinated as well as anybody who receives the jab before 31 December 2021. Between 3 December and 31 January, the winners will receive:
• One of five prizes of R100,000 (one hundred thousand Rand) each
• One of 50 prizes of R10,000 (ten thousand Rand) each
• One of 1,000 prizes of R1,000 (one thousand Rand) each.

The final lucky draw will be held on 25 January 2022 to allow for all paper records of people vaccinated before the end of the year to be captured. Winners will be notified by telephone on the
number given at the time of registration for vaccination.

Both Vooma Vouchers and the lucky draw are facilitated by a private foundation, the DG Murray Trust, which manages a number of donor-funded initiatives to support the implementation of the
Covid-19 vaccination programme.

DGMT is a South African foundation committed to developing South Africa’s potential through public innovation and strategic investment. Our goal for South Africa is a flourishing people, economy and society ( 

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The purpose of the lucky draw is to encourage people in South Africa aged 12 and older to come forward for Covid-19 vaccination.

The winners will receive:
One of five prizes of R100,000 (one hundred thousand Rand) each
One of 50 prizes of R10,000 (ten thousand Rand) each
One of 1,000 prizes of R1,000 (one thousand Rand) each

1,055 prizes in total with 211 winners issued in each weekly draw and the weekly prizes are.
1 x R100 000
10 x R10,000
200 x R1,000

If technical or other constraints prevent a draw from being conducted in any particular week, the prizes will be rolled over to the following week.

People who have been vaccinated in South Africa against Covid-19 are eligible for the draw. That is if they have been vaccinated by the date of specific draws and
by no later than the 31
st of December 2021. Their details need to have been captured on the EVDS system in time for each draw or, in the case of the final draw, by 25 January 2022. (A small proportion of records are paper-based and for that reason sufficient time is allowed to enable back-capturing of records of vaccinations up to and including until 31 December 2021)

Entry is automatic and requires no action, payment or delivery on their part other than having received at least one Covid-19 vaccination.

Information about the lucky draw will be communicated through public radio, as well as through social media and other media platforms willing to inform the public.

Five lucky draws will be held between 1 December 2021 and 25 January 2022 to identify prize winners. The planned dates for the weekly lucky draws to take place are on Fridays 10, 17, 24 and 31 December 2021. The final lucky draw will take place on 25 January 2022.

Based on the national response (vaccination uptake), the DG Murray Trust reserves the right to stagger the draws, determining at its sole discretion the frequency of draws and the number of prizes to be won, provided that all prizes totaling the amount of R2 million are awarded by 31 January 2022.

The lucky draws will be run in the following way:

For each draw, the following prizes will be won: (1 x R100,000; 10 x R10,000; and 200 x R1,000 prizes)

Separate draws will be held for each prize category, commencing with the lucky draw of R100,000, then R10,000 and then R1000 respectively. In this
way, all eligible people stand to win the larger prizes in each draw.

The EVDS team will appoint an individual with access to the relevant data to do a randomized selection of individual vaccination codes only.

These codes will be provided to a second EVDS person who will match them against the name, ID number and cell number of the winners.

This information will be provided to the Tier 2 National Contact Centre team who will be responsible for contacting the winners.

The Finance team of the DG Murray Trust will review the documentation selection of winners and ensure that there is consistency and accuracy from the point of random selection to payment.

The lucky draws for the prizes will take the form of an automated randomized process of selection.

  • Winners will be notified by telephone (and SMS where required) no later than 31 January 2022. They will be contacted on the phone number given at the time of registration for vaccination. This interaction will be recorded.
  • Winners will be invited to confirm on the call that they would like to receive the prize, by saying YES

Winners will be offered the following:

A deposit into a valid bank account (this will be required of all winners of R100,000 unless they are not legally eligible for a bank account); or

Deposit into a Shoprite Money Market Account in their name and linked to their ID or passport number (this option is only for winners of R10,000 and R,1000).

If winners of the R100,000 prizes do not have a bank account, they will be requested to open one to enable the money to be transferred into the account.

If the residence status of a winner of R100,000 is such that they are not entitled to open a South African bank account, they will be offered the option of ten monthly payments of R10,000 into a Shoprite Money Market account.

Winners will be allowed to submit their identification and banking details by email, WhatsApp or SMS to the contact details which will be provided to them. Digital records of submission (in whatever form) will be retained by the DG Murray Trust. It is the responsibility of the winners to ensure that the details  provided are accurate, and the DG Murray Trust will not be held liable in the event that incorrect banking details are provided.

Every effort will be made to trace winners, including requesting district based personnel to find hard-to-reach winners.
Where prize winners are not able to be located by 31 March 2022, the prize will be rescinded.

The names of those winners who are willing to be identified will be published on the website of the DG Murray Trust ( and may also be published
in the media should media partners be willing to do so without cost and as a national service.

Yes, the rules and processes will be published on the website of the DG Murray Trust ( and will remain on the website until 31 March 2022.

Yes there are limitations to participation.

No person who is employed by the DG Murray Trust or the National Department of Health, or who is contracted to work on the Electronic Vaccination Data System or is a member of the Demand Acceleration Task Team mandated by the National Department of Health will be entitled to any of the above prizes.

In the event that such a connected person is randomly selected to receive a prize, that selection shall be declared null and void.

No person shall be entitled to win more than one prize. If a previous winner is randomly selected to receive a prize for a second time, that selection shall be declared null and void.

With the endorsement of the National Department of Health, the DG Murray Trust will facilitate the promotion, adjudication and awarding of cash prizes to  individuals registered on the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) who receive at least one Covid-19 vaccination up to 31 December 2021

The money has been provided by private and philanthropic donations and is not public money