To: Editors & Health Journalists
Issued by: Department of Health
Date: Thursday, 16 June 2022

Health Department welcomes financial resources to intensify vaccination programme

Pretoria: The Department of Health welcomes the government`s continued efforts to prioritise health system including the country`s response to COVID-19 pandemic.

As we know that the country and global community are not out of the woods yet, this injection of additional financial resources secured from the World Bank will go a long way in protecting the lives and the live hoods of our people against this life-threatening health challenge.

Although, huge portion of the R7.6 billion loan secured through the World Bank will be used to pay for vaccines mostly procured by the government between December 2020 and June 2021, most of which have already been deployed and used. This will also give the government flexibility to pay for other priority COVID-19 response activities.

There is strong political commitment in South Africa to mobilize financial resources to respond to COVID-19, including for vaccine procurement and deployment, and this project will establish an enabling environment for other donors, multilateral development banks, and United Nations agencies to further support vaccination efforts in the country.

We also like to urge our people, especially the youths to vaccinate in numbers and also get booster doses to enhance their level of immunity against the current and future variants of concern as the country is getting closer to achieve population immunity. Vaccine remains the best effective weapon against COVID-19 and we cannot afford to lose a single dose of vaccine hesitancy.

As the country commemorates the youth day to pay tribute to the lives and sacrifices of the 1976 generation to recognise the role they played in the liberation struggle of South Africa from the chains of apartheid regime, we urge young people to emulate them by actively participating in the struggle for long and healthy life for all South Africans.

This struggle cannot be achieved as long as majority of adolescent and young people don’t vaccinate in numbers and also remain at increased risk of mortality and morbidity associated with HIV infections, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy related complications and other preventable and treatable health conditions.


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Foster Mohale

Director Media Relations

National Health Department


Doctor Tshwale

MLO – Health Minister

National Health Department