Festive Season Message from the Director General Health

The past two festive seasons have been a very challenging period for all of us as South Africans. Most of us have experienced depression, anxiety and stress, not knowing whether we will ever be out of the dark cloud that had befallen us and the entire globe.

This year, the sirens of war on COVID-19 have stopped ringing briskly as they used to be in the past two years. We can cautiously say that the upcoming year will probably be a better year than the past two years.

On behalf of the Minister, Deputy Minister, and the entire management, I would like to express our endless gratitude to all of you for dedicating your lives to ensuring that all citizens enjoy this festive season better than the past two festive seasons. With our hands on our hearts, we wish to thank all your families for the endless love and support that they have offered, not only to you but to all the South Africans that you served and are still tirelessly serving.

As we celebrate the 2022 festive season, we wish you and your families goodwill, love, peace, and happiness over this period of family appreciation and togetherness.

Let’s approach 2023 with more vigour and resilience as we march closer to implementing the National Health Insurance as a vehicle towards Universal Health Coverage for All South Africans.

Date: 21 December 2022