Date & Time: Sep 20, 2023 09:00 AM
Description: Webinar Goal & Objectives

The goal is to build a coherent and transparent understanding of the NHI, develop support from key stakeholders for this important health reform and ultimately will create an enabling framework for the implementation of NHI in South Africa.

The specific objectives of the webinar are:
‒ To create awareness among the stakeholders on the NHI, its rationale and objectives.
‒ To empower health communicators with correct information on NHI so that they may be able to mobilise society in general to rally behind the NHI.
‒ To respond to the concerns of the public and stakeholders and dispel myths and misinformation about the NHI.
‒ To inform stakeholders about the implementation plan which includes transformation of health institutions and the health services delivery/provision system.