Vooma Vaccination Weekends

There have been four national Vooma Vaccination Weekends and many provincial and district Vooma Vaccination Weekends run locally. They have all been a call to action to come and vaccinate.

The first Vooma Vaccination Weekend took place in October 2021 after the President called on all leaders in South Africa to intensify their support for the Covid-19 vaccination programme by getting behind the Vooma Vaccination Weekends. “Vooma” is a South Africanism derived from the Afrikaans word “woema” meaning ‘energy and speed’. It also resembles the Nguni word ‘”vuma” meaning ‘agree’.

1-3 October 2021: All leaders across South Africa are urged to encourage those they lead to get vaccinated. We believe that people will come forward to be vaccinated if they hear the message from people they trust, who can reassure them and take away some of their anxieties and provide them with factual information.

12-14 November 2021: Leaders are urged to get behind the vaccination programme and mobilise their followers.

3-10 December 2021: Leaders from across all sectors – government, unions, business and civil society – are requested to participate in local mobilisation through door-to-door canvassing and active engagement in places of worship and workspaces.

8-10 April 2022: A call to all unvaccinated and partly vaccinated people, including children aged 12 years and older to use this opportunity to get vaccinated. While we will roll out public sites in all provinces, we are also prioritizing areas with vulnerable persons. We will be vaccinating all citizens in the country even if they do not have any form of identity document.